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About Shine Glassworks:Mostly Marbles
Shine Glassworks: Mostly Marbles was started as a flea market retail booth at Thirsty's Flea Market, Winnipeg, in the summer of 2016.  Due to a variety of factors, I decided to move the store to my studio, in order to focus on bring you this new website, along with a weekly YOUTUBE show on my Shine Glassworks YOUTUBE channel!  Tune in each week to see the latest work I have available, and a glassblowing demonstration!  As well as live charity auctions, games, and lots of giveaways!

 Ryan Lacovetsky - Glass Artist

I first tried lampworking in the fall of 1999, at Metamorphosis Glass in Union Bay, BC. Seeing the awesome work being done by the studio owner Neal Kuellmer, and other great Vancouver Island lampworkers, I became quickly obsessed with glass. I continued to travel 5 hours each way as many weekends as I could, and by the following spring, quit my job printing newspapers and moved to Union Bay to further my new obsession.

It was a chaotic, competitive, and very stimulating creative environment at Metamorphosis, with numerous other students, and a very supportive glass community. I learned not only the basics of lampworking, here I was able to begin to develop my own style. Because of how generous everyone was to me in sharing their knowledge, tips, tricks and even their workshops...I developed a huge appreciation for the tradition of how knowledge and skills are passed down from one person to the next. I now teach beginners in my studio, which I find really great for my own creative process.

After almost 2 years of lampworking at Metamorphosis, it seemed like time to move on, travel a little, and ultimately build a studio of my own. After two summers of traveling around Western Canada with a portable glass shop in my car, I decided to set up permanently in Winnipeg, where I have built a great studio, and have an amazing family.

In the future I hope to continue developing both my knowledge and appreciation for my medium... It is my sincere hope that when I look back, many years in the future, I am still filled with that same sense of wonder and excitement that I first experienced.