Many Pipes Under $40!
Small Clear Pipe $9 
Basic Colored Pipe $20​-hp1805-
Small Colored Pipe $14
Various Colors
Small Silver Fumed Pipe $10
Basic Fumed Pipe $  17
Small Color Wrap $18
Small Outside Frit Pipe $20-hp1807-
Small Color Twist Pipe $20-hp1808-
Small Raked Pipe $20
Screen Pipe $20 -hp1810-
Three Hole Pipe $20
Fumed Corkscrew Pipe $20-hp1811-
Stringbean Pipe $20       -hp1812-
Small Honeycomb Pipe $20
Small Fumed Doodle Pipe $20-hp1815-
Small Colored Tubing Wrap $20
Stretch Pipe
Small Latticino Patch $20
Small Doodle Pipe $20
Colored Tubing Twist $20-hp1820-
Clear Standalf $18
Classic Silver Twist 
Classic Gold Twist
Colored Frit Glow in the 
Dark Pipe $30 -hp1824
Colored Honeycomb $30 -hp1825-
Basic Frit Pipe $30 -hp1826-
Small Blowout Honeycomb Pipe $30 -hp1827-
Colored Tubing Fume Twist $30 -hp1828-
Colored Glow Pipe $30 -hp1829-
Glow in the Dark Pipe $30-hp1830-
Small Glow Frit Twist $30 -hp1831-
Outside Frit Pipe $30 -hp1843-
Medium Raked Pipe $30 -hp1832-
Medium Color Twist Pipe $30 -hp1833-
Colored Standalf $30 -hp1834-
Small Fumed Dot Pipe $30 -hp1835-
Fumed Colored Peanut Pipe $30 -hp1936-
2 Color Wrap Pipe $30 -hp1838-
Fume Burst Pipe $30 -hp1839-
Colored Reverse Twist Pipe $30 -hp1840-
Colored Fume Doodle Pipe $30 -hp1841-
Fume Flower Pipe $30 -hp1842-
Fumed Reverse Twist Pipe $30
Large Pipe with Color Wrapped Bowl $30 -hp1845-
Speckled Frit Pipe $30 -hp1846-
Fumed Rake Over Colored Tubing Pipe $30 -hp1847-
Stringer Pipe $30 -hp1849-
Frit Corkscrew $30 -hp1848
Half Color Stacked Pipe $30 -hp1850-