Shine Glassworks
Basic Straight Tube $230
​These 38mm 18" Straight Tubes feature a downgridded inline diffuser, with opal and accents.
ST2202-18" Color    $250 Wrapped Mouthpiece 
ST2203- Latticino Mouthpiece Tube   $300
ST2204- Raked Straight Tube $300
ST2205-44mm upgrid Crushed Opal Fume Print
ST2206-44mm upgrid Wigwag Mouthpiece  $350
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Flower Tubes
At long last, here is the Shine Glassworks selection of Flower Tubes!  More designs are coming soon, but we are very excited to present Series 1!  Unless otherwise listed all prices are for 38mm tubing.. Add $50 to uprade any design to 44mm with a 16mm Upgridded perc!
All the same features as our basic model, with colored wrap decoration!
This model includes a matching horned slide 
​Available in many colors, this patterning technique is one of the oldest and still most beautiful ways to decorate glass!
By far, the headiest style of Straight Tube we make today.. Custom graphics are available for an extra for more info!
​Our 16mm upgrids have 20 holes, 8 more than the 38mm downgrid.  This model also features a medium sized dichroic marble, and as with every Shine Glassworks Tube, a beautiful matching bowl!
Closeups of our  upgridded 16mm 
and downgridded 12mm percs